If Jesus were to talk to some of the biggest names in our culture today, what would He say to them?  The voice of Jesus speaks to the famous and fortunate, bold and beautiful, eccentric and outspoken, and the shocking and scandalous – and yes, even a mad titan.  Join us beginning on April 28th and all through May as we look at some of the biggest names in our culture right now – Robert Kraft, Kylie Jenner, Lorie Loughlin, Thanos – and of course, Facebook (and its users!)!

In this series, Pastor Rob Willis looks at what Jesus might say to each of these people, and through His words we will also hear what Jesus has to say to us.  Join us for What Would Jesus Say to…(2019 Edition!)

Week 1 – April 28 – What would Jesus say to Thanos? – “Which is better? Your Snap… or My Cross?”

Week 2 – May 5 – What would Jesus say to Robert Kraft? – “What’s the greatest legacy? Rings or Crowns?”

Week 3 – May 12 (Mother’s Day) – What would Jesus say to Lori Loughlin? – “Family is important, but what’s MOST important?”

Week 4 – May 19 – What would Jesus say to Kylie Jenner? – “Why have I blessed you?”

Week 5 – May 26 (Memorial Day weekend) – Facebook – “What God Wants for Your Status”

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This series used with permission from North Point Ministries (copyrighted).