Life is full of challenging situations that can weaken even the most stable person with questions like, How can I see through the pain and gain victory? How do I stand against temptation? Will God work in my life even with my colorful family history? How can I forgive someone who has wronged me? Why do I have to wait for God to answer my prayers?

 These questions and so many more are brought out and answered in the new series by Pastor Rob entitled “Thread, Finding God’s Work when Life Unwinds.” Based on the life of Joseph from the book of Genesis, Pastor Rob will take you through the episodes of his life, and we’ll learn timeless lessons from this ancient story that will speak to both young and old alike.  All throughout this series, we will learn from Joseph what it is to focus on one thread in the fabric of our lives – God’s plan and Hand in every circumstance.   

Week 1 — June 9 — “Colorful - the Challenges of a Dysfunctional Family” - Genesis 37

Week 2 – June 16 (Father’s Day) — “Unfashionable - When Resisting Temptation is Risky” - Genesis 39:1-15

Week 3 – June 23 — “Megaphone - When God Speaks the Loudest/the Challenge of Strong Faith in Strong Pain” - Genesis 39:16-40:23

Week 4 – June 30 — “Fashionably Late - Waiting for God to Answer Us” - Genesis 41:1-40

Week 5 — July 7 — “Red Carpet - How Do You Handle Success” - Genesis 41:34-57

Week 6 — July 14 — “Going Retro - How to Forgive” - Genesis 42

Week 7 — July 21 — “Thread - Finding His Story in Our Story”

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This series used with permission from North Point Ministries (copyrighted).