Upside Down – that’s what growing your faith can sometimes feel like – all upside down, and it seems you’re going about it all wrong. The things that you thought would grow your faith in God typically don’t, while the things that you thought would set you back seem to be very effective in making you trust God more.  You think God wants you to simply get smarter, but instead God wants you to take what you know and do it.  You’d think that being alone is good for you, but God uses others to help strengthen you even when you want to be alone! And the list of stranger things goes on – stranger things that will grow your faith in upside down ways in this upside-down world.

So what DOES God use to grow you? Join us in July & August as we look at the Five Stranger Things to Grow Your Faith. Each week we will explore a key way that God grows us – and learn how to develop a mature faith that grows and grows.

Series begins July 28th!

Week 1 — July 28 — “The Vanishing of Will” - How can you grow to trust God like you see others

Week 2 – August 4th — “Do You Copy?” - Move faith beyond simply what you know…

Week 3 – August 11th — “Life Upside Down” - Find fulfillment outside of the normal

Week 4 – August 18th — “The Gate” - Discover a bad word with good results

Week 5 — August 25th — “In It Together” - There’s power in your gang

Week 6 — September 1st — “The Strangest Thing” - How to survive and thrive through the worst parts of life

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This series used with permission from North Point Ministries (copyrighted).