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We've all been there. Somebody makes a derogatory comment about faith, the Bible, or Christianity. You know you should say something. But what? What do you say when there's little time and even less interest? 

Glad you asked.

In this 3-part series, Pastor Rob Willis and his pastoral team launch off of 1 Peter 3:13-15 and prepare believers to respond quickly and respectfully to any question regarding faith, the Bible, and Christianity.

Join us for the month of March as we learn how to both defend & explain faith, and learn how to invite people into faith in Jesus Christ. 

  • Week 1, March 10 & 11Hope on the Ropes - We need a short answer to the question of why we’ve chosen to follow Jesus!     
  • Week 2, March 17 & 18Reliable Witness - We take the Bible seriously because we take the Gospels seriously.     
  • Week 3, March 24 & 25 - Good God - As we wrap up this series and prepare for Easter, we will see that Christianity offers both an explanation and a solution for suffering. Suffering is why we believe.