Reach God's World!

God wants every nation to hear His message and know His love.  So we give RESOURCES , send PEOPLE and develop PARTNERSHIPS in strategic places around the world to make God's desire a reality.  On this page are the precious families we are honored to support and love on an ongoing basis.  There are missionaries, church planters, and organizations we support financially every month to bring the Gospel around the world.  We are delighted to REACH GOD'S WORLD through them!  Note: This list does not include our missionaries to restricted-access nations. 


We are delighted in 2017-2018 to begin financially supporting some missionaries that God has called right out of Journey Church to bring the Gospel into other parts of the world - Chris & Jen Kujawa to Macedonia and the Thompsons to East Asia.



Chris & Jen Kujawa - macedonia 

Chris & Jen surrendered to become missionaries at Journey Church.  After planning to go to a different country, God changed their direction while Chris was a trip to Macedonia in 2015.  They truly have answered the Macedonian Call.  The Kujawas desire is to share Jesus with those far from God, and they are trying to raise financial support to get them to the mission field by 2019.  If you would like to contribute to their support or join their support team, click here



S & R THOMPSON - East asia

S was raised at Journey Church, having attended from the time he was in 3rd grade. While in high school, he felt God's calling to become a missionary, and after graduating college, met his wife, R.  While serving a summer internship in 2015, S felt God's calling on his life to become a missionary working alongside other missionaries already in the field. .  If you would like to contribute to his support or join his support team, click here


Global Missionaries

Journey Church supports missionaries and missions projects all over the world.  Below are the men and women that we support, along with links to their ministries and projects. 


Elmo & Catherine Compton - Lima, Peru - The ONE:Peru Ministries


Mike & Diane Pepper - Sierra Leonne - Salt & Light for Africa


Lance & Melanie Gotcher - Manila, Philippines



Sandy & Karen Baird - New Hope Initiative



Bill & Debbie Crawford - Dresden, Germany






Aaron & Stephanie Boon - Tanzania



Ernest & Tina Jones - New Tribes Missions - ethnos 360



Justin Rhoades - London, England




Nathaniel & Danielle Shrift - New Tribes Missions - Ethnos 360



Local Church Planters

Journey Church is committed to helping church planters establish churches in various parts of the country, although we are passionate about supporting churches in the Northeast, which is the least-churched part of the United States. The church planters below are part of our efforts to plant thriving, Gospel-preaching churches.