Have you ever felt God calling you to do something that was much bigger than your ability or qualifications? If so… you’re in good company. Maybe you even feel that God has something greater for you now, but you just don’t know how it’s going to happen. If that’s true, than history is on your side. Time and again God has called people to serve Him who often don’t feel qualified. But as the saying goes - God doesn’t call the “qualified” as much as He qualifies the called.

Few people in the Bible demonstrate this idea better than Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ.

Mary is so well-known as being “God’s mom,” but beyond that, it seems we hardly know her. And yet, by examining her life we can learn how to lean into God’s calling and also launch our faith into greater areas.

You’re invited to join us each week during the month of December as we learn all about Mary, and we learn from her how to grow in our connection and obedience to God. This series begins on Sunday, December 2 and will take us all the way through Christmas. Here’s what each week looks like:

  • Week 1 - “Find Some Answers When God Doesn’t Make Sense”

  • Week 2 - “How to Speak Magnificent Favor & Blessing Over Your Life (with God’s permission!)”

  • Week 3 - “Grow Your Faith from the Inside Out”

  • Week 4 - Christmas Candelight Celebration Service

So you need to get here for these weekends as we count down to Christmas!

Join us for Mary Christmas!

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