When it comes to personal finances, it is easy to be lost and not even know it. Some of us start off with bad maps or perhaps take an accidental wrong turn or maybe get distracted by something we think we need. Whatever the reason, once we realize we are lost, how can we find our way back? The task can be daunting, but the good news is that God has given us clear directions to guide the way.

In this 5-part series from January 2019, Pastor Rob Willis walked us through some of Jesus' counter-cultural teachings about money management and revealed the truth that we can't wholeheartedly follow Christ when we're lost financially.

  • Week 1 - “A Sudden Realization: Finding Out Where You Are” (video available)

  • Week 2 - “Moving to Higher Ground: Lessons on Our Possessions” (video available)

  • Week 3 - “Flashback: Why God Blesses with Abundance” (video available)

  • Week 4 - “Finding Shelter: Deal with Your Discontentment” (audio only)

  • Week 5 - “Rescued: Financial Decisions That Every Wise Person Makes” (video available)

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This series used with permission from North Point Ministries (copyrighted).