At Journey Church, we believe that no one is too young to experience the love of Jesus and the excitement of church! And that’s why we’ve created KIDS CITY! Kids City is filled with multiple creative environments for learning, engagement, and growth as we teach kids about Jesus and the Bible. From the aquarium room to the zoo room and every environment in between, we want our kids to have fun and grow!

Our Kids City ministry is led by a wonderful volunteer team of talented ministry leaders and workers, with background checks and ongoing training to create the best possible experiences every Sunday.

Kids City provides a top-level experience for kids in exciting and engaging environments, and it is separated into two areas:

  • Kids City Downtown, which is for children from birth to preschool, and is located on the first floor (to the right of our front east entrance).

  • Kids City Uptown, which is for school-aged kids. and is located on our 2nd floor south wing (go up the stairs to the right of our front east entrance and follow the signs).

SIGN IN KIOSKS: There are sign-in kiosks almost immediately outside of the Downtown area to sign in all children for Kids City.

Kids City operates exclusively during each Sunday church service, and kids are able to sign in and enter these ministries 15 minutes prior to each service. Parents are required to keep their sign-in badges with them to pick up their kids after church.

We are always open to your questions, comments, and suggestions. If you would like to know more about either of these ministries, please email us @

If you want to impact the world of tomorrow for Jesus, then we have to reach the kids of today for Jesus.
— Greg Neal - Student Ministries Pastor