“One of the healthiest exercises you can establish in your relationship with God is to read the life of Jesus at least once a year with fresh eyes. It will transform you.”
— Pastor Rob Willis

How much do you know about Jesus - what He said, what He did, what He experienced - and how He challenged His followers? When was the last time you sat at the feet of the Master and let Him boldly speak into your life - your relationships, your work, your challenges, your pain...your life?

Join us during the spring and early summer at Journey Church as we interact with Jesus Christ with fresh eyes and ears, and learn what it means to follow Him today. This spiritual emphasis will allow us to follow Him through some of the key words and works of Jesus, and hopefully, on the other side, be changed to become more like Him.

Here's a broad overview of what we'll cover and when:

  • #Epic – Great moments that defined Him (March 18 thru Easter, April 16)
  • #ThatJustHappened – The miracles that challenge us (April 22 thru May 28)
  • #MicDrop – Shaping our world with His words & stories (June 3 thru June 25)
  • #LetsDoThis – Living life on His level (July 1 thru July 30)

Are YOU ready to become the 13th disciple, to let the Savior re-enter your world? 

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