The Bible is much too important to not know and understand it!  One of the challenging parts of being a Christ-follower is gaining a good understanding of the Bible. We know we're supposed to read it - but how do we get better at understanding it?  

The How to Study Your Bible Life Group, led by experienced Pastor Ross Tieszen, will show you how to go deeper in your understanding of the Bible, and how you can become someone who properly handles the Word of God.  You will be given tools to help you be a better reader; tips for going deeper; and methods that you can use that will fit your particular style to not just READ the Bible, but to actually KNOW the BIble.

The group will meet on Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8 pm in the 2nd floor Studio (Kidz Journey wing) beginning Tuesday, May 2, 2017.  Everyone is invited to bring their Bibles and a notepad, and notes will be provided to you at various points.  For more info contact the church at (603)664-0550, or email Pastor Ross at  Please register here so that we can plan for you!