Just in time for a relationship tuneup around Valentines Day, and right after Just the Two of Us Marriage Seminar (follow the link to register!), we’re spend four weeks growing, learning, talking, and strengthening our most significant relationships.

If it’s ever seemed like every couple around you has it all together, while you can't even agree on what's for dinner… Do you wanna know the secret? Happy couples know…

  • Week 1 - “Nothing: How They Deal with Expectations, Hopes, and Dreams”

  • Week 2 - “It’s Mutual: Sweet Submission”

  • Week 3 - “Sometimes You Have to Throw Things: How to Deal with Unmet Expectations”

  • Week 4 - “It’s a Choice! All About Love”

    Join us for What Happy Couples Know and take huge steps in your most significant relationships! Series begins February 17th!

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This series used with permission from North Point Ministries (copyrighted).