Easter SUNDAY April 21, 2019

9AM & 10:30AM

"Death is swallowed up in victory! O Death, where is your sting? O Grave, where is your victory?" 

On Easter, we don't celebrate a collection of teachings. We don't celebrate an idea. We celebrate a Person - the One who beat death and conquered the grave. We celebrate Jesus Christ and His victory that brings US victory! It is through HIM that we can start living again!

Join us at either of our two weekend experiences (Sunday 9AM & 10:30AM) as we celebrate THE PERSON who changed history forever!  We’ll have a celebration atmosphere for adults and kids alike!

While the adults will enjoy a lively and celebratory experience in the auditorium, our kids will have a great time with various activities including an unique Easter egg hunt that will have lots of candy and prizes!

Whether you're looking for a church or Journey is your church home, we would love to have you with us on Easter Weekend 2019! 

If you're attending for the first time, Click Here for some helpful advice and instruction.