Anxiety… Depression… Anger… Shame… Addiction… Grief… Abandonment… Betrayal… Abuse… Guilt… These are all intensely personal feelings, with probably at least one effecting your life in profound and painful ways.

You might be tempted to think that these are secret issues - and only a few people (you included) struggle with… except that’s not true. These aren’t the dirty little secrets of a few. These are the dirty BIG secrets of the many. And at church, where there are no perfect people allowed, in every chair sits someone who’s either hiding an issue and keeping it at bay or someone who has recognized their issues and is allowing God to bring healing piece…by…piece.

You’re invited to join us during this life-changing series as Pastor Rob Willis uncovers many of the causes of these issues and then points us to clear answers in the Bible, where strength, healing, and HOPE can be found through the hand of God and the Savior Jesus Christ.

This series begins on the weekend of October 20-21 and will run for five consecutive weekends up through the weekend before Thanksgiving. Here’s what each week looks like:

  • Week 1 - “Secret Wars: Healing from the Wounds of Your Past” (guilt, shame)

  • Week 2 - “Secret Feelings: Fighting Through Your Negative Feelings” (anxiety, anger, grief, depression)

  • Week 3 - “Secret Struggles: Find Freedom from Struggles” (addiction)

  • Week 4 - “Secret Pain: Moving Past Pain’s Paralysis” (abandonment, abuse)

  • Week 5 - “Public Victory: Stepping into Victory over your Darkness”

So you need to get here for these weekends, because it’s been your dirty little secret for far too long. And you’re about to learn that everyone’s got one of their own - they’re really Dirty BIG Secrets! And together, we can find healing and hope and restoration through the power of God at work in our lives!


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