Thank you for being a great part of Journey Creative in 2017! Because of your commitment, hundreds of people every single week went deeper in their commitment to Christ and many, many people gave their lives to Him. As we look forward to 2018, would you take a few minutes in this survey to share your perspective, thoughts, and ideas so we can make 2018 an even greater year?  Please note, any answers of a sensitive nature will be kept confidential with Pastor Rob only. 

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On a scale of 1-5, how would you rate the worship experiences at Journey Church in 2017? *
Please select the area(s) that you currently serve in on Journey's Creative Team (check all that apply):
Thursday rehearsals (when done effectively) have proven to be the greatest way to move the team forward (work on new music, dynamics, parts, production pieces, etc) - Does a Thursday evening practice that is run effectively present a challenge to you? *
The desire would be to run an effective Thursday practice and make Saturday & Sunday a time for a quick run-through.
Because practices & rehearsals are critical to our success, focus is essential. If you have children, are you able to find childcare so that you can be completely tuned in during rehearsals?
If you do need childcare, would you be willing to be part of the childcare solution during practices with others who also might need childcare?
Are you a believer in growing and developing your skills, whether on the production level or on the musical level? *
If interested, what other area(s) would you desire to work behind the scenes on the Creative Team? *

The goal for running Thursday nights as an actual rehearsal would be to make the commitment easier on Saturdays & Sundays.  When done right, we would show up one hour prior to service for a sound check & run-through.  All of our work would already be done prior. Because we have done this very thing before, I am confident it can be done (and should be done!).   - Pastor Rob