For the first time ever, Journey Church is officially stepping into child sponsorship on a large basis.


On Sunday, September 8th, we will learn how together we can make an impact for Jesus Christ through ongoing monthly child-sponsorship. We will be joined by Pastor Mark McEathron from Connect Church in Ashland, MA, as he shares with us the opportunities to partner in the Dominican Republic with one of their new hope centers designed to feed and educate children through child sponsorship. This will be an impactful and emotional Sunday as we have one combined 10AM service, and Pastor Rob will preach on “The Other Side of Hope.”

Learn how you can become part of the global movement that, according to Christianity Today, truly changes the world. And after church that day, to support our missions team trip to the Dominican Republic, we will be hosting an hour-long dessert/tailgate food auction! You don’t want to miss this opportunity to make an impact through some small and significant ways!