Read through the New Testament with journey church in Fall 2018

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Grow in your faith walk with your family of faith!

One of the great steps that we can take as a church family together is to grow our faith collectively and read the Bible together.  The fall season is a great time to do something like this together, so as an extension of our Simplexity series, you're invited to download a New Testament reading plan and read the New Testament in 90 Days. 

The New Testament has 260 chapters, so if you read an average of three chapters of it a day, you can easily finish it within three months, even if you miss a few days.

The suggested reading schedule document is a great tool to help you to reach the goal of reading the entire New Testament in 90 days. If you miss a day or don’t finish the number of chapters that you planned for a particular day, don’t get discouraged. Just keep going! It may take you a little longer than 90 days, but it will be better for you to finish a little later than you planned than not to finish at all.

Let us know you're part of this movement by submitting your name and question below! 

Also, as a great additional interactive resource, join our 90 Day Bible Reading Challenge Facebook page.  There you can ask questions (and get answers from Journey Pastors & Leaders) and interact with other great members of Journey Church.  

The 90 Day Challenge begins on Saturday, September 1st! May God bless you as you read His word and apply it to your life! CLICK HERE to download a copy of the 90 Day Reading Plan.

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